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Find out the latest questions and answers in carpet maintenance for your future needs.

Are there ecological carpets?

There are many ways to make your house eco-green and starting by using ecological carpets is an excellent idea and great for your health. Oriental rugs made by natural products are certainly ecological but you can also find many carpets made by natural fibers with no chemical treatment. Look out for carpet paddings made of recycled materials and specialists of Carpet Cleaning Whittier would also recommend using non-toxic adhesives and ecofriendly products for carpet cleaning.

Should I let my kids lie on carpets?

It would actually be hard not to let them if you have wall to wall carpets or nice oriental rugs on the floor. All carpets are offered for some relaxing time or playing games on a soft surface. The secret is keeping them spotless clean. It would mean that carpet cleaning must be thorough and regular. Stain removal must be immediate and exhaustive, especially if you have pets in the house, too.

How do I avoid mold on carpets?

You should avoid putting rugs close to water pipes or storing them in high moisture rooms. If carpets are wet, they must be dried immediately, yet mold inspection will still be required. Try to keep them as clean as possible, remove stains immediately, check the floors underneath for water leakage and avoid putting them in the bathroom.

Are there different types of carpets?

Yes, carpets have different sizes, cuts, and shapes. They are also made of different materials, woven differently, and constructed specifically. Each carpet type also has a certain way of properly maintaining them, according to our specialists. But in general, carpets may require constant maintenance and care. Keep them clean at all times.

How long do carpets last?

Carpets last for a long time depending on the usage, maintenance, and cleaning involved. Having it cared for by professionals, such as Carpet Cleaning in Whittier, allows you to enjoy your carpet for a more durable extended period.

Why does grout get so dirty so quickly?

Even though it is quite strong, this material is porous. As a result, it absorbs dust and dirt particles easily. This is how its color turns from sparkly white to gray over time. Regular grout cleaning will help your tile floors, walls and countertops look fabulous. While there are different commercial and homemade cleaners which are quite potent, you should watch out for compounds that may cause grout to become brittle or turn yellowish.


Carpet Cleaning Whittier

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