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Enhance the looks of your carpet with these safe and useful cleaning tips. Get to know the enemies of your carpets, how to remove gum and find practical solutions for the children's rooms.

  • Use a hair dryer to dry small moist spots

    Choose a low-power setting and add the concentration attachment for aiming the warm air directly at the wet spot. Keep the dryer about five inches away from the spot to ensure that it the carpet will not be damaged by the heat. The professionals of Carpet Cleaning Whittier recommend that you check for dryness after the spot has cooled completely.

  • Protecting Carpets from Soil

    First of all; Carpet Cleaning Whittier recommends that you stick to a strict maintenance schedule. This prevents the buildup of mud and you can use it with a protector. At the same time you can explore other options like a mud room which is the dumping ground for most of the debris before people enter.

  • Removing Gum from Your Carpet

    Sticky gum is a frustrating problem on carpets. It can attach to more fibers when wet. For this, the use of ice cubes or something cold to harden the gum is recommended. It will be easier to pull the gum away once it hardens.

  • Practical solutions for kids' rugs

    Rugs at kids' rooms need constant cleaning. In fact, rug cleaning must take place daily in order to keep children healthy. Thick carpets might be more comfortable but they won't be practical during carpet maintenance. Prefer medium height piles that would make cleaning and stain removal easier. Pick intense colors. They are more appropriate for children and hard stains won't show as much.

  • Protect carpets from their enemies

    Moisture, sunlight and mildew are the worst enemies of carpets. Mildew inspection is necessary to take place often according to experts from Carpet Cleaning Whittier because mold grows due to excessive moisture. Keep carpets out of the bathrooms, especially if they are not ventilated properly. Carpet cleaning won't make a difference once the colors are faded by the sun. So, keep oriental rugs away from direct sunlight.

Carpet Cleaning Whittier

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