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How to Kill Carpet Mold

05/05/2015 Back To Blog

Carpet water damage often leads to mold growth and this is the worst thing that can happen. Mildew grows unbelievably fast and will affect surrounding parts of the central contaminated area. It is hardly treated, especially if it is expanded, and causes tremendous health problems. The problem must be eliminated at its roots and as soon as possible. Of course, the perfect thing would be to prevent such issues by examining all parts of carpets thoroughly and regularly, especially at unseen corners and under furniture. Mold remediation & decontamination has better effects when it takes place as fast as possible.How to Kill Carpet Mold

Mold grows in wet areas and when the temperature differences indoors and outdoors are extreme. So, it's helpful to ventilate the house several times each day and definitely treat damage with leaks. Good carpet cleaning with excellent quality vacuums will also be helpful. While cleaning the floor, you will have the chance of examining different parts and areas, which are usually hidden. The smell will also drive you to understanding that something is wrong with your floor. You might engage in various odor removal methods but be aware that if the mold problem is deeper, you must take more drastic actions.

4 alternatives for mold removal

There are various ways to deal with carpet mold. You can use either method depending on the extent of the problem, but you must remember not to mix different solutions or you might have significant health problems.
*Spread some baking soda over the contaminated area and leave it overnight. The next day, vacuum the area, spray with white vinegar, brush gently and dry well the area. Avoid brushing the contaminated area to avoid transferring the problem

* Spray anti mold solutions on the area but make sure you choose the right ones for your own carpets. It's best to use ecofriendly products, but if you must use solutions which contain chemicals, wear a mask and ventilate well the room
* If no other method works, you must replace the contaminated area. You must cut and replace this part of your carpet. When cut it, make sure you cut approximately 12 inches further to be sure of complete mold removal
* If the problem is huge, you might need to replace the whole carpet. The fibers might dry fast when they are wet, but the padding underneath is not. It will actually take a long time to dry whereas mold only needs 24 to 48 hours to grow. This is why mold is often unavoidable when there are water problems

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