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How To Take Care Of Different Rugs And Carpets

11/10/2013 Back To Blog

It wise to take care of your carpets and rugs by using methods that works. You can do this by properly researching for the best methods to use while cleaning silk rugs, Persian rugs, shag rugs and wool rugs among many others. These will greatly enlighten you on the fact that different fibers need different methods. They also need different maintenance methods. If you follow these instructions then you will be able to not only handle your rug and carpet fabric, but also a huge number of other types of rug and carpet fabric.How To Take Care Of Different Rugs And Carpets

Where to find more information on this topic

You can always contact us for more information on the different types of rugs. This will make you well informed on the number of fibers in existence and the methods that are used to clean them. Researching the internet is a very effective way to get effective methods that when used will meet expectation.  You can also purchase the latest equipments from here that meet the international industrial standards. This ensures that your fabrics are well maintained and properly cleaned.

Types of rugs and carpets

There are a lot of various equipments designed to handle a different types of rug and carpet fabrics. This is because there are a number of fabrics used to make carpets all depending on the customers needs. They all have different reasons for choosing the fabric depending on style, durability or purpose. Some of the available fabrics are

Woven Rugs: they are produced using big looms. The piles on the fabric are plush or Berber. Plush are generally cut piles while Berber are in loop piles. There have been a number of innovative techniques that often combine these two methods to come out with a unique design that can be used to cover your floor. They are known to be among the most expensive rugs. Cleaning these types of rugs is easy since this is a strong method used to create the fabric. You should try and avoid strong products while cleaning this kind of rug. You should also not expose it to excess heat since it weakens the fabric.

Tufted Rugs: this is the most common fabric used to make rugs. They are popular because of their unique designs. The rugs have their piles injected into backing material which is bonded to a second material. This is done so as to provide stability and durability. There are a number of methods to use while cleaning such rigs. This all depends on the type of stain you are trying to remove.

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